VIII Downhill Tierra del Trigo!

downhill-tierra-del-trigoOne of the best races is being held again this year in the Canaries.

On Sunday, June 29 2014, at 10:00h, the 8th Tierra del Trigo Downhill will begin.
It is organized by the Club Cachibache Bike Team, together with the Los Silos municipality and the local youth.

On Saturday, June 28, at 15:00h, there will be a sign-up table in the Tierra del Trigo plaza. There will also be a sign-up table on the day of the race, from 8:00h to 9:00h in the same place.

For participants coming from other islands, the organization will facilitate lodging, as long as advance notice is provided.


Sign-ups will be in this stores (Until 25 june):
• Bicistar Tenerife
• Acosta Cycles

Prices are:
• Federated: 15€
• No Federated: 25€

For more info:
696 14 23 90 – 618 77 58 07 | Facebook

II DH Suculum 2014

II-Downhill-SuculumThe first race of the year will take place on 23 March in Tenerife!

The circuit consists of an urban and a rural stretch. You can come and see the circuit now, but you’ll only be able to train in the rural parts!

Registration for non-members opens on Monday 3rd at the BMX shop, or they may call Ayoze Peña on 677427179. Members can register on the day of the race. 25 euros for non-members and 15 for members.

I hope to see you all at the first Downhill race of the year!

More information here:


Results DH Las Cabras 2013

The Downhill Race, named DH Las Cabras, closed out the 2013 MTB season. It was organized by Bicistar, the Cachibache club and the Ayuntamiento Buenavista del Norte.

El Palmar de Buenavista del Norte, Tenerife accepted the last race of 2013 with approximately 50 runners.


It was an Old School track that was truly fast, where the speed and ability to stop on a moment’s notice played a fundamental role.

All during the race a number of spectators were able to enjoy watching the expertise and showmanship of the riders.

Excellent organization of the event, whose winners were:

Jose Carlos Orihuela (Vadebicis, Cadet)
Sergio González (Vadebicis, Junior)
Cristian Curbelo (Cachibache, Sub23)
Edgar Carballo (Vadebicis, Elite)
Mike Blohm (Scott Bike World, Master)

Photo: Samuel Dóniz


DH Las Cabras 2013

DH-LAS-CABRAS-2013The mythical OLD SCHOOL tracing is back, the DH of Las Cabras is back in El Palmar, Buenavista.

The Cachibache Team Bike, organizes the last race of the year, in a historic downhill, apt for all levels, where speed and knowing how to apply the brakes at the right time are the keys to achieving a good time.

Sunday, December 22 starting at 10:00 we have an appointment that you cannot miss.

Registrations for non-members will be up to the 19th, at Bicistar Tenerife stores and the price is 25€ and for members they will be on the same day as the race and the price will be 15€.


more details here:


Results Downhill La Guancha 2013

It was hot…VERY HOT!! But all the riders were extremely motivated and despite the hot weather there was a good turnout at the downhill race in La Guancha. Fastest time was Edgar Carballo (Vadebicis) with 2:20.84! Thanks to sponsors Bicistar and Puerto Informática the event ended with a great ceremony with lots of cool gifts. Thanks also go to Ayuntamiento La Guancha and Cachibache Team Bike for organizing the downhill event!

More information can be found at this link

Here are some images from the race! Have fun looking 🙂

Results Downhill La Guancha 2013:

Champion La Guancha Master: Diaz Mesa, Jose Ivan (02:42,17)
Champion La Guancha Cadetes: Orihuela Gonzalez, Jose Carlos (02:49,58)
Champion La Guancha Junior: Elias Medina, Aday (02:37,44)
Champion La Guancha Sub-23: Curbelo Rivero, Christian (02:30,08)
Champion La Guancha Infantiles: Rodriguez Sanchez, Eduardo (02:52,93)
Champion La Guancha Elite: Carballo Gonzalez, Edgar (02:20,84)

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VIII Downhill Tierra del Trigo!
One of the best races is being held again… ∞
II DH Suculum 2014
The first race of the year will take place… ∞

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