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Downhill on Teneriffa is double the fun! No matter what the season is, you will always find the ideal conditions to go biking. And if that is not already enough, after you are getting out of the saddle the great beaches of Teneriffa are awaiting you for the deserved chill-out. The island simply offers the unlimited opportunities which are nowhere to be found in Europe except here! The long and vast spurs of the Teide guarantee unlimited trail fun and together with the long- held local enthusiasts you will find new Downhill and Freeride trails continiously developing in Teneriffa.

Trails as far as you can see and always the Atlantic in sight. Nature reveals its magnificent side. So much variety within one hour to drive, that is really something outstanding! The North with green forests offers solid ground for biking, you will find several bike parks and descents established by the locals. The South reveals rough terrain with sharp corners, high jumps, rocks, cactuses and dirt. Depending on the trails, both parts of the island offer different challenges and demand various levels of skill from the biker.

Even if you are in need of spare parts or maintenance for your bike you will be pleased to find noumerous friendly bikeshops. These shops are widely spread over the island and able to provide great services and assortments including MTB-parts and Mountainbikes of all kind. If you wish to know more about it then feel free to visit our Links page. We have listed some interesting bike shops and much more about Tenerife.



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Dowhnhill gains more and more of interest every year and with the help of our new website we hope to receive the attention needed to further establish this sport on our island.

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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